Convergent Experiences


Everybody seems to have... the interpretation, the proof or the evidence of the Divine.

And, although they contribute common evidence, with respect to this, each being has its particular experience. If this experience is tarnished by a religious belief... soon this tarnish will begin to stain, with this colour, many of the experiences.


And it happens that, the being… who is not precisely convergent but divergent, the spirituality of everybody or of every group, culminates in confronting each other.


But when the believer let's go of the particular fetishism of each religion or creed, it is possible!... to make a discovery that indicates us that there are convergent… experiences and sensations; that we can share coincidences, luck, the unpredictable, surprises...


These “convergent”experiences... have to do with our discovery, with our encounter, with the consciousness of belonging to the Creation, to a Universe. They have to do with the evidence -we would say so- of... feeling connected; contacted!


When we are faced with these convergences is when really we vibrate in unison with the Creation. There they are no disputes; there they are no opinions. There are sensations. There are emotions. There are... Loves.


Experiences that converge and, in the instant of converging, they amplify our reality: this strange word –“reality”- which frequently is so much materialised!... that it becomes immovable. But in the way that the experience, the spiritual experience converges, the reality amplifies and it… “disperses”.


This is how we can contemplate and feel a mystic experience...

Mystic, but operative, liveable, shareable, transmittable.


I feel in all and in each one...

I am capable of following, without displays, nor achievements, the trail of an event.

I contemplate the astonishment of loving, because surprisingly it grows and it goes... and it takes me further than further, without the need to explain.


In whatever action I realise I feel the vibration!... of something that surpasses me, but I am intimately tied to.


Although I know that to ask is absurd, because everything is given... and is never ending, I become sensible faced with the necessities.


To feel the emotion of a continual discovery... to which I'm only a contemplating witness, -although, apparently, the active protagonist-.


To be, without defending myself. To be, without attacking. To be, without justifying.

To be... recognised.





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