The needy humanity


Perhaps beneath the perspective of the Universe and of Creation, the “species humanity” needs nothing. It is complete, it is culminated, and everything that happens is part of its development.

You could also say that, beneath certain points of view, there are no needs.

And you could also say that… the needs are so pressing and large that the being is not completed nor has it completed its evolution, rather it is in full development. And as a result, it needs. It is a needy being.

Surely, according to the state of consciousness in which it is, and the environment and the circumstances in which we are living, it is thought that you don’t need, that you are completed…; or you require aid, or you are in need…

If you delve a little more into the personal, probably, except for a few exceptions, everybody is in need "of"… patience, decision, affection, calmness, intelligence, humour… An endless list.

From another point of view, it could be said that the development and the activity of the species continually needs things from the environment, and for nothing and in nothing it is self-sufficient: it is not capable of “self-sufficiency”, is not able to maintain itself by its own dynamics…

It would be the picture of an itinerant beggar: now it needs decision, now it needs security, now it needs health, now it needs hormones, now it needs vision, now it needs bones, now it needs to… Porca miseria!

The environment can be devastating, or it can be mindlessly… triumphant!

 "Thoughtlessness"; it has not reflected enough. "Triumphant", over itself and over the rest.

The situation -with many more variables- is not, like this, verbally, animated.

What's more, you could say that… -returning to the level of the species- that there is a “vital” discouragement as an everyday activity. It seems that one has to overcome -it doesn't seem like it, rather it is like that- a continuous discouragement. And animate oneself, and encourage oneself, and promote oneself…

Statistically, one could also add that the needy humanity is in the hundreds of millions and hundreds of millions.

Our neighbours in sub-Saharan Africa have an average life-span of fifty-five years, meanwhile the other neighbours- that is to say, us-, we reach 81, 82…

Do they need something…? Vitamins, water, food…

And also, it turns out that -of course, by resorting to statistics- many of the needs of the needs of the needs are produced by others who do not have these needs; that is to say, they are produced by the species itself.

"You need water. I have water, but it is my water".

They still haven’t even been able to declare water as a resource that corresponds to the whole species.

 So the species participates in the needs of the species.

If we look at the microcosm -well, maybe that’s to say a lot- to the "microsystem" of every being, everyone would say: "What I need is to… lose weight". Another would say: "What I need is to see better, because I do not see well""What I need is…a bit of aesthetics, because the truth is that I am not very favoured". "New breasts and a face lift" -this is of a certain intimacy, right?-. "And what I need to do is to have enthusiasm, because I do not have desire. I don't feel like anything" -which is often said. "What I need -would say the other one- is… to believe in something or someone! But I am so perfect that I can't believe in no one".

Oops, how bad you have it!

And so, we could search for, even in each moment, the needs of micro doses; if in that moment, we could open the consciousness, we would feel very ashamed:

"What I need is… a few puffs of tobacco. That is what I need now".

Of course, if you open a little the consciousness, it is normal that you commit suicide immediately. Of course, because… so… so… so contemptible you have become!?

"What I need is… look, with a couple of little cups of wine, I become happy, at ease…; without problems, without anything. That is, what effort does it cost?, what effort does it cost?".

Others, well!, they need the shot of marijuana or maripepa or I don't know. Each one to their own…

Hefner –god rest his soul-, the creator of Playboy, needed 200,000 square meters to live -a mansion- with his girls. Do you see? He was a man in need. He lived to be 91 years old. And the truth is that “take care”, “take care” of himself a lot… Well, being surrounded permanently by women must be something…

"Ouch!  -says the gypsy curse- Amongst women you will find yourself!"

But, do you see, we are always, as a species, the exception.

You have a rule and… "And the exception proves the rule!" -says the law-.

"Is it not that there is -some say- a magic wand, tin!, that touches me, of course…; ok, and my friends, and  makes us happy, slender, tall, handsome, blond, beautiful, healthy!...

-"He" what?



The fairies -what happened is that no one believes in them any more-, the fairy godmothers had a magic wand and tlin!... they turned you into a princess, the prince, the hero… There were also bad fairies that turned you into toads, frogs, moss, rocks…

Other resolved it with -in view of the fact that the fairies, I don't know, disappeared or went into hiding- saying: "Help Yourself, God will help you".

This is a change; it seems like a change of paradigm: "Help Yourself, God will help you."

And God appeared like this, or was he always there?

All of a sudden!

Or like the fairy godmother: one resorts to her –and to Him- when it thunders. Meanwhile, the ego is responsible for everything.

When the Sense of Prayer is made present in the needs, it is not necessary to “ask for”. This Prayerful Sense enlightens us and places us in sufficient shape to know of our continued and permanent heritage of Creation. Loved and respected by her.

And with this fundamental ingredient, "Everything else -as has been said- will be given in addition".

It happens, indeed, that this proposal is not usually lived with ease, or it is something that -we insist- appears faced with a grave situation; or everybody justifies themselves saying that… that is “what God wants."

The justifying capacity of the human intelligence makes that this intelligence is deplorable. "Deplorable". A strategy of what is called "intelligence": to justify itself in each action. To not be what it should be in every moment, and to assume what that implies.

It is… unfathomable.

It is lost amongst the light… and it is not darkness.

It is permanent action.

It is immanent… in everything that is said to exist.

It is an expression of whatever manifestation.

There is no separation!...


It is so invisible that permanently it becomes evident.

It never abandons, because it is!...


The creatures are… He himself. They are the same.

The needs are, thus, unnecessary!

Human beings do not exist.

It is He, That, which manifests, is expressed… in infinite ways.


When more the being identifies, the more distant it becomes in the authentic reality.


Mysterious in its contemplation… is the inexhaustible mana.


There is no "lack" in its consciousness.





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